More and more online shops are now going to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. The advantages are obvious: The transfer reaches its goal immediately, similar to the payment service provider PayPal, but only fees in the order of magnitude of about 1 Eurocent. Paying with Bitcoins in regular shops is also possible without much effort and brings a number of advantages for both buyers and sellers.

Limitless payment: the Bitcoin

At first, there are no limits to what kind of shops can offer a payment in Bitcoins. Even in retail stores, the payment in BTC does not pose any problems. BaFin, the banking and financial supervisory authority of the Confederation, generally declares that the creation of value units is permissible without authorization for the purpose of payment, as long as the legal requirements are observed. These are of course taken into account at Bitcoin. As a result, a direct payment can be made via online shops and stores and, of course, payments on account, etc. are also feasible. For this purpose, however, it is important to take into account certain peculiarities which also apply to other currencies.

What to consider when paying online with Bitcoins

Like all other currencies, the bitcoin is subject to price fluctuations. If one wants the same price for a service or a product always in euros or another national currency, one does not get around a steady adjustment of the bitcoin prices. If you do not want to rely on one of the Bitcoin payment processors, you can program a corresponding script quickly and inexpensively, or make sure that you have an appropriate function when you select the shop or merchandise management software. For many systems such as WordPress & Co., there are now plugins with which Bitcoins can be accepted completely uncomplicated as payment means.

Pay with Bitcoin in the shop

Most smartphones have the possibility to create a bitcoin transaction from their own wallet via apps. The payment address can be simply read in via a QR code or an NFC chip. As a payment receiver, you only need a computer or smartphone, on which you can control the receipt of the amount. The QR code with the payment address can be printed or displayed on a screen. The payment address can also be transmitted via a smartphone with an NFC chip.

Use fiduciary services when using the Internet

If all this is too expensive, all these companies can be handled by means of appropriate payment systems. These automatically calculate the exchange rates, accept invoices, make special reading devices available, or offer the possibility to easily integrate the payment process into a website. The big advantage with the payment with BTC is always the same, that is independent, whether Internet- or Ladengeschäft-payment. Apart from the dealer fees for an online payment system in Bitcoins, there are sometimes no significant fees, such as credit cards or bank transfers. However, it should be noted that no real payment protection is integrated. In principle, the payment is similar to a cash payment. For this reason, a trust service should be used on the Internet, especially in shops outside the European Union. These are partly also offered by the usual online payment systems.